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[Electronics] - www.iconic-power.com
[Electronics] - www.iconic-power.com
[Electronics] - www.iconic-power.com
[Electronics] - www.iconic-power.com

Wireless Charging Lamp

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Safe, fast, and efficient 15W wireless charging lamp.

Gentle lighting to create the mood you desire at home, office or events!

Function: Wireless Charing

*Review your phone device wireless capability to ensure it has the function*

How to:

  1. Connect the adapter to the wireless charger lamp and plug in the power adapter into an outlet. Once all plugged in, press the silver frame located around the charger for 3 seconds to turn it on. Your lamp should light up to let you know it's on and ready for use!

     To turn it off, press the silver frame for 3 seconds, again.

  2. Place your phone on top, in the center of the lamp once you've plugged in and turned on your charging lamp.

     The top is the charging pad and will have the "Iconic Power" logo.

  3. After you've plugged in & turned on your charging lamp, repeatedly touch the silver frame located around the lamp until you find the color of your liking and stop when you do!


Input 12V - 2A

Output 5V - 1A  9V - 1.1A


Width 130mm

Height 56mm

This item comes with a power adapter.