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Slim Wireless Charging Pad

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Light, fast, and efficient 10W slim wireless charging pad.

Slim flat surface to charge your phone at home and office.

Function: Qi Fast Wireless Charing

*Review your phone device wireless capability to ensure it has the function*

*Please remove any phone case that is:

  • Thicker than 5mm
  • Magnets
  • Metal cases
  • Grip + Stands
  • Phone cases that hold credit cards

How to:

  1. Connect usb to adapter then plug the adapter into your wall socket. 
  2. Once light is on you may place your phone on the charging pad.
  3. Enjoy and watch your phone charge! 


Input 5V - 2A / 9V 

Output 5V - 1A / 9v - 1.1A


Width 100mm

Height 6mm

This item does not come with a power adapter.