Help a friend and charge their phone

Help a friend and charge their phone.

Black portable charger for friends. Black portable charger for iPhone and Android. Solar Powered  charger.


We know everyone likes to be on their iPhone all day capturing moments or

contacting friends about everything and anything.

Now imagine you doing your thing at the park soaking up a little sun before going

back in. You're minding your business on your iPhone while charging it on your

Iconic Power portable charger (currently 50% off at the moment haha)  at around

78% min, then boom you get the classic "Hey can I borrow your phone charger?".

Now you hesitate because you don't know the person but you do it anyways

because you're a nice person. They charge their iPhone and you peak over being

nosey to check their battery life because naturally that's what we all do when we let

people use our chargers and you see the person texting their parents apologizing to

 them for running away and explaining to them where they're at. After some

time passes with them charging their phone a decent amount they thank you for

allowing them to charge their iPhone because they wasn't from this city and their

iPhone was almost dead not knowing how they were going to get home.


Hopefully you liked this short read and little lesson why it's ok to share your charger to help people because you never know what people are going through!

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