Don't make it hard. Let the sun charge your phone.

Don't make it hard. Let the sun charge your phone.

Blue portable charger. Blue solar powered portable charger. Blue charger. Forgot charger.

Even though we're all on lockdown quarantined we both know some of us are still going outside whether essential or not. Now we're not here to judge you at all. We get it... it's rough staying in the house all day we all need a good amount of sun each day. However the way you do it is very important because it's not all about you. You have to worry about the people who have a weak immune system or body in general so keep your essential items on you. 

  • Mask.
  • Hand Sanitizer.
  • Phone.
  • Iconic Power Portable Charger. ( Also 50% OFF Right Now. We care about y'all click the below to purchase! )

With these four items going on your 1hr walk, biking or even hiking where you're far away from everyone will be a breeze. You're social distancing with the sun out so  make it easy. Keep your phone charged while the sun hits the solar panel on your portable charger its a win-win. Some of you may be asking, "why is it important that I have a charger with me while going outside?" the reason why you should always have a charger with is because you never know how long you'll be out and about somewhere by yourself or with a friend without being able to charge your phone at will. Another reason is during your walk you'll most likely be on your phone playing music and multiple apps that will drain your battery faster than you realize it. If you still don't believe me we both know the classic question will always come out of your friends mouth when you least expect it. "Can I borrow your charger?". It never fails....


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