Charged Up at the Airport

 You're making traveling hard

Ever noticed how when you travel you’re on your phone more than usual? Some of you may have noticed this and some of may have not. We're going to talk about why you should pay attention to your battery life and how not to fall into the trap of losing your comfortable seat at the terminal waiting to board.


First Trap

  If you had to guess what is the first mistake every person makes before traveling is? One of the most common mistakes people make is thinking their phone battery is enough to travel and nothing else. BIG MISTAKE! You have to remember while traveling you are consistently on the phone and apps catching up on work or just plain bored


Second Trap

  People traveling think they're the only one in the airport  who needs their electronics charged.Think of all the times you tried to fight for an community out-let at the airport and actually being able to get one on the first try? If we had to guess we'd say you had a low chance every time you looked for a charger outlet. Remember this, if you're looking for a charger outlet there's a good chance four more people are looking for the same outlet in your terminal area.


How to avoid both traps.

  • Limit your phone time while waiting at the terminal!
  • When you're done with an app close the app completely!
  • Limit being on Netflix, Youtube and Snapchat! these drain your phone tremendously! 


"I don't want to do any of this!" 

  If you don't want to do any of this that's entirely up to you but let us make one last suggestion to you. You can easily avoid all of these problems and invest into your phone by obtaining one of our chargers. The choice is up to you but one you will enjoy doing and the other one you will not enjoy. So let us be the enjoyment for your travels!

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