1st Quarter Recap of 2020

1st Quarter 2020 Recap

The first quarter of this year has been a long but adventurous one for us all. 

Iconic Power has made a lot of great leaps from hosting our first conference to 

making our first holiday commercial. None of this would be possible without the 

support of you  all! We appreciate you all greatly. 


A quick recap from our YesHoney Co conference

We traveled to Sacramento ( with our TSA Approved chargers of course) and 

showcased and sold our chargers.

The owner of Iconic Power also went on Twitter live with other close friends where they discussed.



Real Estate

If you would like to watch the live that had over 20k+

people here's the link!


If you're on Twitter you should follow 


@westside_elyjah ( Owner of Iconic Power)

@NerdnNomadMom (Marketing / Tech /  Automation)

@CVLRNE (Serial Entrepreneur)

@XaviercMiller ( Businessman. USAF Vet. Real Estate Consultant Host,@mmindsetspod)

@DeannaSKent (Host of the @mmindsetspod, Founder of Parkhill Capital Ventures and The Parkhill Capital Foundation, Sacramento Realtor & Notary Public)


Valentines Day Commercial

We created our very first commercial for Iconic Power and for Valentines Day. You can copy and paste he link to check out here!



What we have planned for in the future!

Iconic Power has multiple things planned for you guys but for right now

we're still in the beginning phase for most! What we can tell you is that if

you're a STEM major ( $20 OFF discount code: COLLEGELIFE on our store )

or worker then you'll definitely enjoy this surprise! 


Also we're also creating a stronger bulk order system for our store due to

many conference requests for us to sponsor and vendor for. 



As many of you reading this may know the coronavirus has crippled our

fluid shipping process for right now. We have been working everyday to

stay updated with current and future shipments from our supplier to our

store to you. We also want stay transparent with everyone about this

situation and future situations. To stay updated on information please

subscribe to our email list! Click this link and wait for the popup to put your

email info!



Caught Up

Thank you for sticking with us throughout the exciting, action packed and

never boring 1st Quarter of 2020! We appreciate you all and if you have any

questions please email us @shopiconicpower@gmail.com!