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Don't make it hard. Let the sun charge your phone.

You never know how people are doing so never turn them away. Especially if they need to charge their phone, you may be saving a life or stress from their current situation. Read our short story on a situation that could've went bad but instead became something special!  Iconic-Power

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Charged Up at the Airport

 You're making traveling hard Ever noticed how when you travel you’re on your phone more than usual? Some of you may have noticed this and some of may have not. We're going to talk about why you should pay attention to your battery life and how not to fall into the trap of losing your comfortable seat at the terminal waiting to board.   First Trap   If you had to guess what is the first mistake every person makes before traveling is? One of the most common mistakes people make is thinking their phone battery is enough to travel and nothing else. BIG MISTAKE! You have to remember while traveling you are consistently on the phone and apps catching up on work or just...

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2020 Vision Conference with YesHoneyCo

ICONIC POWER IS COMING TO SACRAMENTO! Why are we coming to Sacramento? Iconic Power is glad to announce that we will be a gold level sponsor for YesHoneyCollective 2020 Vision Conference! Conquering the new year is all about less fear and more action and Iconic Power exemplifies this by taking our first vendor/sponsorship. What do we hope to learn? We hope to learn three things going into 2020. Superior Customer Experience Product Quality over Quantity Refining Business Why you should try coming? Also if you attend the conference you will have the chance to not only educate while gaining tools but you will also network with many successful people who are speaking at the event!  NEW ITEM! If you do...

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